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Update: Please be aware that many (BFFM ) review sites are now offering bogus discount links. Once you click on the so called discount link you soon realize there is NO real discount price offered whatsoever. How maddening!

For my loyal readers I was able to provide 3 TRUE Special links. The first being a 21 day trial, the other two include Forum Access For 60 Days FREE + Challenge either with the basic or deluxe edition.

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burn the fat feed the muscleWhen some consumers hear about the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle system, they immediately assume that it is a scam.

This fat burning system promises to give you a brand new body in only 7 weeks.

It promises that if you follow its tips you will have a completely new and attractive body, a body that you can love in only 49 days.

These promises sound so amazing and incredible that many skeptical consumers think that they cannot possibly be true.

However, there is no Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle SCAM.

In fact, this program does everything that it promises to do and more. The secrets that are contained in this system are the same ones that celebrities, body builders, and models use to keep their bodies in amazing condition. The secrets in this system are the same ones that keep “naturally skinny” people looking skinny all the time.

Here is their websitehttp://www.burnthefat.com/

Why All The Scam Claims Then?

When some shoppers read pitches about this product, the pitches seem to lead them in circles. The consumer then becomes unsure about the system. They feel unsure that this system will actually work when the sales page seems so reluctant to inform consumers how the program actually works.

These circuitous sales pitches make some people think that there is a Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle SCAM. However, as stated above, there is NO scam.

Most sales people get so used to tap dancing around their products’ descriptions that they forget how to be straightforward. However, the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle system is so effective that there is no reason not to tell consumers exactly how it works.

O.K. Then How Does It Work?

Just as its name implies, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle works by burning fat while feeding muscle. When you decide to buy this system, you get access to all of the details that you need to make healthy eating choices.

These details tell you exactly which foods will feed your muscles and exactly which foods will encourage your fat to disappear. In addition, when you buy this system you receive access to a support group of like-minded consumers who are also losing weight in the same exact way.

The Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle system is incredibly effective because it works based on how your body responds to certain foods. Once you try this system, you will never again be tempted to undergo a dangerous surgery to help you lose weight.

This system does not force the you to spend all of your free time at the gym. Its success does not rely on unhealthy pills or supplements. It does not require you to starve on a restrictive diet. Some diets seem to work for only certain people. Those diets make dieters feel like failures as they watch their neighbor succeed on the same diet.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle does not do that. It works for everyone.

The Program Fully Addresses Metabolism Factors…

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle addresses the fact that there is more than one type of body. Every person is lead through a tutorial that helps you discover what type of body you have. Then, armed with knowledge about your own metabolism and other factors, you are placed on a diet that works just for you.

This diet works for everyone regardless of their body type. It works regardless of how much weight you need to lose. This system works for people who need to lose a few pounds to fit into their skinny jeans, and it also works for people who need to lose one hundred pounds or more.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is not just designed to help you lose weight. In fact, it does much more. It makes people feel more powerful. After a week on this system, most people are excited to jump out of bed in the morning. They feel confident and attractive. They welcome cameras and love seeing their pictures posted on their friend’s FaceBook pages.

But Is It Truly THAT Effective?

A quick internet search is all that a person needs to do to see how successful this system is. There are many pictures and testimonials online that show how effective this system is. All of the people on this system learn how to stop dieting. They learn all of the secrets that the dieting industry does not want them to know.

Special Trial Offer:

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What are some of the benefits of using Tom’s system?

  • No diet pills
  • Get away from yo-yo dieting
  • Stay satisfied
  • Eat according to your body type
  • Eat foods that burn fat
  • Simple and fast program which is easy to follow
  • Increased energy
  • Slimmer body and looking good
  • Do not have to drink special shakes
  • NO intense exercise routines to follow
  • Personal support provided
  • Special group forums

 There are so many benefits to this program, we cannot cover it all.

The program comes with everything you need to create success in your life. The package comes with added bonuses increasing the value even more.

Let us look at what you will be receiving:

  • Foods that Burn Fat
  • Food that Turn to Fat
  • Food Choice Guide
  • Measuring Body Fat
  • Free 60 day membership to private site
  • Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Program

The Cold Hard Facts…

The dieting industry makes their money on repeat customers. They make money because they encourage people to fail. In fact, there are over 50,000 dieting books on Amazon, and none of them contain the secrets that are explained in the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle system.

These secrets show eager clients how to identify their body types and eat foods that burn fat while encouraging the growth of muscles.

Consumer Complaints:

One important aspect of any review I write is to check for consumer complaints. I investigate any potential claims with Ripoffreport.com and Complaintsboard.com

Much to my surprise, there was not even one complaint filed at either site. I then further investigated searching for any complaints under the authors name, “Tom Venuto”.

Still not one single complaint filed. That is very rare but tells  a lot about the true effectiveness of this product.

Why This System Is So Different…

Some people wonder why this system is different. If dieting companies make profits by letting people fail, why would this system be any different? The answer is simple. The founder of this system is a man named Tom Venuto. As a businessman, he prides himself on being honest, upright and helpful. He also understands how it feels not to like your body.

In spite of studying exercise science in college, Tom Venuto struggled with his weight. One night, while studying in the library, he stumbled upon a little known scientist named William H. Sheldon. Sheldon’s research gave Tom Venuto most of the facts that he needed to start his successful system.

He learned that different people have different body types, and he learned how different foods interact with those body types to have disastrous or amazing effects.

Then, he spent a generation working with actual people. He watched them succeed at his system. He was able to manipulate his system so that it worked wonders for everyone who tried it. Through hard work and research, he was able to make one of the best systems currently on the market.

Highly Recommended Product 

Tom provides an unconditional money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. One-hundred percent of your money will be refunded within the first eight weeks. The best thing is that you have all the materials to try in the comfort and privacy of your own home during this time.

This program is proven to work and there are many, many satisfied customers. When you try this program, your body will change. You will look and feel better because you will truly burn real fat and feed your muscles.

How much weight will YOU lose?

Keep in mind, this system is designed to help you lose the fat. Looking at the amount of weight loss is not the key. The weight on the scales will go down as a result of following this special plan.

Anyone who needs to lose fat can safely use this program. Young adults can lose fat as well as the older generation. It is safe and can be used by vegetarians with a few modifications. Regardless of your age, the fat will melt away!

How soon will YOU see results?

If you follow the plan, you will see results each week you are using the program. Within 49 days, the results are dramatic for those who have used the program.

Most users will lose an average of two pounds of pure fat each week. Some users will lose even more depending on their body and metabolic type. The program is customizable to fit everyone’s needs. This is one really nice thing about this program. It is even used in different countries around the world!

Will this program work for you?

Tom provides information to the individual in a very unique and easy to understand way. He speaks to you as if you have known each other all your life. He is a fat loss coach and provides inspiring ways to help you along in your journey.

The program provides different levels of fat burning for the individual. The homemaker may desire to start out on a lower level of burning as compared to a bodybuilder. Customizable options allow anyone to be able to burn the fat feed the muscle.

Food options can be created that will keep the individual going (not get bored). Options can be used for individuals on special diets as well. This is one of the greatest parts about the fat loss program!

Overall Product Rating

The overall product rating for this program is 9.5 out of 10 stars. I have searched for any negatives I could find, and have not found any. Many successful stories are available from people who have successfully used this program to lose the fat and feed the body.

My Final Words

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle system is the last thing that you will ever need to buy. It is the fastest working, longest lasting system that you will ever encounter. If you want to share the success of a quarter million happy people, you need this system. If you want to benefit from years of trials and research, you need this system. You can lose the fat, now! It will truly change your life.

Here is the official website: http://www.burnthefat.com/

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