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fat loss 4 idiotsAre you looking for an inexpensive way to lose weight that works? Are you looking for one of the best programs around where you can lose more than a pound or two a week?

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is gaining ground in communities around the world. People are realizing the benefits gained from using the program.

So, what is the program all about?

The program is based upon four different principles. The main web site uses a food generation tool to decide what foods you can eat. Individuals eat throughout the day, four to five times. Eating takes place until satisfied, and not full or overstuffed.

The dietary plan takes place for 11 days, followed by a three day break. On the break, individuals can eat anything they desire. The other principle includes walking some on a daily basis.

The program teaches the individual how to eat appropriately allowing the body to lose weight effectively. Fat Loss 4 Idiots also trains the user how to maintain the loss that occurs. By following the plan on a regular basis, the body continues to lose the weight every week.

Here is their website – http://fatloss4idiots.com/

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What types of foods are eaten on the 11 days?

  • A variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Proteins in lean form
  • Fat that comes in whole grain foods
  • Limited starchy carbohydrates

The plan allows the person to eat at least four times each day. The time interval between meals is most optimal at two and half hours between. The diet allows the body to feel like it is being fed on a regular basis, and not starving.

What are the program benefits?

  • No counting carbs or calories
  • Eat until satisfied
  • Portion sizes are not limited
  • Three day cheat allowed between cycles
  • Body does not realize it is in high burn mode
  • Choose from a list of preferred foods
  • Extensive information to allow the user to fully understand the program
  • Vegetarian plans available as well
  • Uses shifting calories technique

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots program is simple to follow. Light exercise is added to the plan to help the body continue to burn the weight off. The program is not strict for the user, using common sense in food selections for the day. Everyday foods are available from your local grocery store. The plan is very easy for anyone to follow.

Why does the plan work so well for users?

The plan does not require the individual to count calories, carbs, or fat grams. The program prepares the eating plan for you based on the preferred selections made. Users do not have to worry about buying special diet foods. Because the plan is so inexpensive, users have tried it and found amazing results.

Individuals feel great while losing weight. Their bodies are not robbed of simple carbohydrates, or intake of fat. The program teaches the individual when to eat what types of foods. The plan actually works with hormones within the body to help to lose weight.

Who can use the Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan?

  • Overweight women
  • Obese men
  • Overweight teenagers
  • Individuals with a history of eating disorders
  • Those needing to lose smaller amounts of weight

Nearly anyone can use the program to help the body to effectively lose weight. Individuals who have followed the plan feel better about their selves, receive compliments instead of snide remarks, and look great.

As with any major weight loss program, it is important to gain a medical physical prior to starting the diet. This applies to any form of weight loss regime. This is especially true if you are dealing with any special medical condition.

Are there any negatives to the program?

  • You may need to buy new clothes more regularly
  • Some people may not recognize you after losing larger amounts of weight
  • If food is not allowed in your work area, you may need to adjust the scheduled plan
  • Some individuals may find the 11 day stretch hard to maintain, depending on their will power to lose weight

Why is weight loss important?

Weight loss is important for the overweight person. The extra weight carried on the body makes it harder for the body to function. In many cases obesity is related to heart disease as well as diabetes. Other medical conditions may occur as a result of obesity, or aggravate the problem.

A healthy weight is much better for the individual. He will feel better, be able to function better physically as well as mentally. The energy gained with losing weight will allow the individual to be able to do more things in life. Clothes will be easier to find and most importantly the person will be much healthier over time.

Reviews for Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Many reviews are available showing user results. Individual comments show that the majority of people who use the plan can lose the weight easily. The program allows for special dietary needs including vegetarian, and the like. A lot of individuals will use the cheat days, but not overdo it in eating during these days.

Program followers see a significant decrease in belly fat when following the diet plan. The math is taken out of the diet scene, by not having to count calories eaten in a day. Pencil and paper are not needed to list the number of carbs consumed, nor fat grams.

The program does most of the work for you and helps in the planning process. Small substitutions have been made by many users which has not affected the amount of weight loss. For example, one individual may have a boiled egg included in a meal for lunch time. She really does not like boiled eggs, and decides to eat a scrambled egg instead without interfering in the weight loss cycle.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots rates in at 9.5 out of 10 points. This is merely for the fact that an 11 day stretch may be hard for some users. It would be great if they could use the same principles to create a 5 day stretch, followed by a one cheat day. This may be better for individuals who struggle with the delay in time.

This is a great product and is worth your small investment. Online forums of current users are telling the story of success. Give the product a try today and start your journey to losing fat!

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